Vision & Values


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Our Vision

Our community is based on friendship, trust, and safety.  We use respectful and honest communication to foster acceptance and personal growth. Through collective effort, people of all ages enjoy, share, and learn from one another.  Our everyday lives are enriched by living in close proximity to people whom we have chosen as neighbors and friends.

Our Values


  • Balancing private and public time and space


  • Playing and celebrating together
  • Creating a joyful community through planned and spontaneous activities           


  • Sharing resources, ideas, meals, experiences, and responsibility for the care and maintenance of our community


  • A sense of belonging, where people of all ages are valued, are mindful of each other’s needs, and can learn from and encourage each other  
  • An atmosphere of trust and honesty, where people listen to each other and are heard


  • Being good neighbors, citizens, and stewards of the Earth who are aware of the effects of our actions on those with whom we share our neighborhood and our world. Click here to find out about how the design of our project is in keeping with this vision.


  • Creating and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing community of enduring worth

My son, Kevin, returned for a second assignment in Iraq.  He left from Ft. Bragg, SC on Aug. 19. There was a ceremony on the evening of Aug. 18 on my front porch.  We hung a flag, shared his history in the Army, and ate one of his favorite foods, chocolate.  There were sheets of paper to write messages to Kevin. I especially appreciate the support for me of this community. read more

Visit us on the First Sunday of the month between 1 and 3 pm