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Our group has established a set of principles for decision-making and meeting facilitation that set the tone for all of our formal interactions and ensure that all of our decisions are in the best interest of the group. These principles are described below.

Principles for Meetings and Decision Making

Why: We are establishing these guidelines and principles for trained facilitators and trained participants to ensure the fullest participation of the LLC as well as to ensure good decision-making consistent with our vision.

How: Decisions will be made in accordance with these principles by a supermajority vote (66%) of the members, one vote per household or with CT Butler’s Formal Consensus Process as described in On Conflict and Consensus. The facilitation committee will revisit these principles as needed for evaluation and modification.

What: Individuals or committees presenting a proposal will suggest which decision making process will be used. The facilitation committee will review and confirm or modify the suggestion in cooperation with the individual or committee.

Who: LLC members* who are trained in CT Butler’s Formal Consensus Process (if a formal consensus decision) and are present at the meeting(s) for the full discussion may participate in the decision making process.

When/Where: Decisions can be made when a quorum (50% plus one of LLC members) is established at regularly scheduled or special LLC meetings that are called by the Coordinating Committee. Alternately, in the rare event a decision to be voted upon needs to be made before the next meeting, a telephone poll may be used.

* One must be a full LLC member, including having made required capital contributions, paid required dues, and complied with all other requirements, to participate in decision making.

Ground Rules for Discussion

  • Let one person talk at a time.
  • Listen respectfully to everyone’s ideas, concerns, and comments.
  • Stick to the topic at hand.
  • Avoid repeating what you or others have already said.
  • Speak only for yourself.
  • Use question cards appropriately.

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