Are We a Match?


If you answer YES to most of the following Questions you and Fresno Cohousing just might be a good fit.

  1. Do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbors as friends and lending them a hand when they could use some help?

  2. Are you willing to forego a garage attached to your house--walking instead from a central parking area--in order to have a pedestrian friendly/car free neighborhood?

  3. Would you enjoy participating in periodic community workdays to keep our common areas tidy and well maintained?

  4. Are you comfortable with houses clustered together, in order to protect more community open space?

  5. Do you want to be part of a community dedicated to reducing its environmental impact?

  6. Do you like the idea of weekly community dinners?

  7. Do you like a quiet day at home followed by a spontaneous BBQ, dessert, movie or swim party with neighbors?

  8. Do you like gardening side by side with your neighbors and sharing the bounty at a community or home cooked meal?

  9. Do you like nourishing body and soul with good food, good health, and good company.

  10. Do you like living mindfully in community, encouraging wisdom, compassion and interpersonal growth.

  11. Do you like experiencing stylish, thoughtfully designed interior living.

  12. Would you like to share inviting outdoor spaces such as gardens, courtyards, decks, patios and views.

One Sunday morning about 7:00 am I was standing at the kitchen window and heard a child's voice singing "Way up over the rainbow, bluebirds fly".  I looked out and 3yr old Ana was singing at the top of her lungs as she was walking down the path. read more

Visit us on the First Sunday of the month between 1 and 3 pm