The Homes


La Querencia is a 28-unit project developed by Fresno Cohousing, LLC. The project includes extensive common facilities such as children’s play areas, a workshop, a pool, spa and gym, guest room, and a common house for community dinners and events. The project was complete in fall 2008. We have 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes available.

Our homes were designed and built to the highest green building standards. Please click here to find out more about how our community was built with sustainability in mind, or watch Fresno Cohousing Green Features quicktime icon

The group purchased 2.8 acres on Alluvial Avenue between Chestnut and Willow Avenues, located near an elementary school and a short walk from a park and retail areas. Fresno is located in Central California within a short drive of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and three National Parks, and within easy driving distance of the Central California coast, the Bay area and Los Angeles.  Fresno is a growing city with a diverse economy.  We enjoy high-quality cultural events including a world class keyboard concert series, several good theatre companies, a symphony orchestra, large scale concert venues featuring top musical groups, an independent film series and the Reel Pride Film Festival, a vibrant folk music society, a town hall lecture series, several art and culture museums and galleries, and an outstanding summer arts program at Fresno State University.  We have Community Supported Agriculture and year round farmers markets. We are located in the Clovis Unified School District, which is known for high achievement.  Our cohousing community is located within walking distance of shopping including Trader Joe’s, Target, specialty coffee shops and restaurants, and a beautiful bike trail.

Current Home Availability and Features

Site plan for Fresno Cohousing built to the highest green building standards

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Clickable site plan of Fresno Cohousing with views of our common house, shared spaces, and private homes for individuals and families