Common Areas


The Common House at La Querencia is the focal point for the community.  Here, those who wish to, will gather for optional meals several times a week.  Imagine having someone prepare dinner, serve, and clean up for you several nights a week!  In return, you will work with a team of others in the kitchen only once every month or so.  After dinner, relax in the lounge by the fireplace and chat with friends while the children play together in the "Kid's Room." The Common House also has a guest apartment, laundry facilities for those who don't want to have them in their home, and is the place to pick up mail. The terrace is one of many gathering areas.
view common house floor plan

Fresno Cohousing Common House: the Heart of the Community

The community includes various other places for the community to gather and interact. These are the pool, spa and gym, workshop, crafts room; children play areas, community garden & landing areas along the walkway between homes.

All of the community areas are utilized daily, and all community works together to leave the spaces as nice as or better than they found it.

Visit us Sundays between 1 and 3 pm click here for location

Common House - Kitchen
Common House - Children's Play Area
Common House - Children's Play Area
Common House - Laundry Room
Common House - Guest Room
Common House - Dining/Event Area
Common House - Fireplace
Common House - Lounge
Pool & Spa Area
Gym & Teen Room
Woodshop/Craftsroom/Grassy Open Area
Building Stilts With George
Grassy Area Before Sunset
Enjoying Some Free Time
Small Child Outdoor Play Spaces
Play Space With Ponding Basin Backdrop
Outdoor Gathering Spaces
Friends Talking
Concert on the Patio
Community Garden
Community Garden
Community Garden